02 Oct 2019
30 Jul 2018

MORTGAGE – What You Need to Know 1.0

Many a times, even when you’ve saved, cut down expenses and all of that, you might still not have gotten enough to buy that dream house; although you would have saved enough for a down payment for a house. So what do you do? Get a mortgage. Yep, mortgage loans. What is Mortgage? Mortgage is simply a loan taken out to buy property or land and the property/real estate is used as collateral. Mortgage loans are usually entered into by home buyers without enough cash on […]

06 Jun 2018


You are an 8-6 worker or an entrepreneur and you have been thinking of easy ways to own your own home, don’t be stressed! We’ve brought together super easy ways of owning your own home against all odds of bad economy and whatnots. Owning a home in Nigeria today might be seen as an ‘easier said than done’ kind of venture. The truth is, it is actually quite easy. With determination and the right process, it can actually become an […]